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Book of the Month

September 2019

The Second Sleep by Robert Harris


All civilizations consider themselves invulnerable; history warns us that none is.

The date is 1468.  But this is Robert Harris, and it is not the medieval past as we know it.  This future-history thriller will keep you enthralled until it's shocking conclusion.


The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club
Dates for your diary
All take place at the Bookshop at 6 pm.  All are welcome.  No previous book club experience necessary.

Book Club Book for 7th October
The Course of Love by Alain de Botton
Join us to discuss Alain de Botton's novel The Course of Love, which explores the sometimes unfulfilling aspects of a long-term relationship; the hard work and skilfulness required to maintain something which is a process rather than a simple experience. An astute and insightful meditation on the nature of lasting attachments, and what it takes to make love work.
The Book Club will be meeting at 6pm on the 7th of October to discuss this book.
Book Club Book for 4th November
The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland
'In June 2015, the house was 50 paces from the sea. Now, it is 25 paces away.'
Join us to discuss Juliet Blaxland's account of life on Britain's easternmost point.  Mixing daily observations of life on a cliff-edge with seasonal food journals, The Easternmost House charts the steady encroachment of the sea on her cottage on the cliff at Easton Bavents just north of Southwold.  This is a skilful meditation on living with the forces of nature and a thoughful and timely reflection on life in the country.
Ogo Pogo and the Magic Box by Deb Mawson

May we raise your awareness to a new children's book by local author Deb Mawson. Set in Aldeburgh, Ogo Pogo and the Magic Box is a lively read suitable for children of all ages, and you will recognise many of the locations within. Originally written for her grandchildren, Deb Mawson's book features original illustrations and a riveting plot.


The Aldeburgh Literary Festival

The 19th Aldeburgh Literary Festival will take place: Thursday 5th to 8th March 2020

'arguably the most important, high quality and diverse celebration of the spoken word'

'... a Festival in every sense' (Frances Wilson) 

'The best lit fest of the lot by a mile' (Matt Ridley) 

'I was moved, and interested, and amused' (Jenny Uglow)  


We are a traditional independent bookshop situated on the High Street in the fashionable town of Aldeburgh.  The bookshop was founded in 1949 and the current owners, John and Mary James, have run the shop since 2000.  We stock a wide range of history, biography, fiction, travel writing and books on Suffolk, as well as cookery, gardening, natural history and a dedicated children's department.  We operate a booksearch service, and we or any of our staff are happy to advise customers.  We can get most books in stock by the following working day, and we post parcels all over the world.

'This great local bookshop is the best place to browse and buy for miles around – and is the epitome what a bookstore should be: well-stocked, welcoming and staffed by people who love books. The owners, John and Mary James, have been just over a decade, and won the 'Independent Bookshop of the Year' and the British Book Awards a few years ago, and the only wonder is that they haven't won it since, not only because their range is wide, well-chosen and beautifully displayed, with a regular churn of new and interesting volumes on tables, but also for the general ambience of the place, and its contribution to the local community - they run a book club once a month on Monday evenings, organise the annual Aldeburgh Literary Festival and even invite their regulars to share their Desert Island Books, which naturally none can resist.'  (www.coolplaces.co.uk).

'The Aldeburgh Bookshop has retained an inviting atmosphere and boasts a fantastic selection that simply makes it an ideal hunting ground for literary treasures - for our whole family, aged 13 to 45.'  (Monica Koch in The Guardian). 


Books can be ordered by phone or fax 01728 452389, e-mail johnandmary@aldeburghbookshop.co.uk, or contact us here.

We sell National Book Tokens, and we have our own Aldeburgh Bookshop vouchers.

We also run The Aldeburgh Literary Festival which takes place at the beginning of March.  The dates for next year's Festival are Thursday 5th to Sunday the 8th March 2020.


 We stock a wide range of greetings cards, wrapping paper, notebooks, playing cards and other stationery.


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