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Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Good Friday 19th April at 5.45 pm

Please note earlier start time

Ed Davey will be introducing his book
Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

This is an optimistic book about how to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet.  Edward Davey is the Project Director at World Resources Institute and has worked for The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit on global environmental issues, leading the organisation’s work on forests and climate change, as well as for the Colombian presidency on Colombia’s natural environment and the conservation of the Amazon. He has spent time in Iraq and the Middle East for a humanitarian charity.  Given Half a Chance is his first book.

Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Easter Saturday 20th April at 6 pm

Robert Simper
Over Snape Bridge Revisited

Robert Simper is the chronicler of our Suffolk rivers and our coast.  His early experience of crewing on some of the last barges trading under sail gave him a great passion for the old ways of life when the countryside moved at the speed of a horse and the merchant fleet of coastal Britain were moved by wind power.  Robert has written extensively in magazines and published books on this subject ever since.

Over Snape Bridge: The Story of Snape Maltings was Robert's first book, published in 1967, and we are delighted to see it back in print.  It is a treasure trove of fascinating facts which will appeal to anyone interested in this estuary.


Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Saturday 18th May at 6 pm

Anna Fargher - The Umbrella Mouse

Written by local author Anna Fargher and beautifully illustrated by Sam Usher, this novel is for children aged 8 -12 (but all grown ups should read it too).

A tale of courage, resistance and friendship, The Umbrella Mouse is a heart-stopping adventure behind enemy lines in WWII.

1944, and London is under attack. Young mouse Pip Hanway's safe and quiet world is turned upside down when her home, umbrella shop James Smith & Sons, is destroyed by a bomb.  Orphaned and alone, she must begin a perilous quest to find a new home.  But the only way to get there is by joining Noah’s Ark, a secret gang of animals fighting the resistance in France, operating beneath the feet of the human soldiers. Danger is everywhere and as the enemy closes in, Pip must risk everything to save her new friends.

'An ambitious and wonderfully well-achieved first novel' Michael Morpurgo


Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Friday 31st May at 6 pm

David Kogan - Protest and Power: the Battle for the Labour Party

'The definitive account' - Nick Robinson
'If you want to understand ... Labour, this is the only book to read' - Robert Peston

Labour has shifted from the New Left, to New Labour, to Corbynista Labour. Now, it may see power again with a most unlikely group of activists from the 1970s, becoming the fourth generation to win power since 1945.

Only Clement Atlee, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair have won power from a sitting Conservative government. Of the ten general elections since 1979, Labour has won three, all under Blair. This record of failure, if applied to any other walk of life, would raise the fundamental question of why continue to fight a losing battle?  For Labour, it asks whether it is a party of protest – designed only to be a voice from opposition, commenting on the flaws and falsities of Conservative police – or a party of power?

Including exclusive interviews with key party members from the 1970s to today, including Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband and Jon Lansman, this book chronicles the conflicts within the Labour party, the schisms between ideologues and pragmatists, and how these fissures seem destined to keep Labour in opposition. The battle for the Labour party is dramatic and intense. This is its definitive history.


Date and time tbc - end of May, beginning of June

Pop-Up Drawing Workshop at The Aldeburgh Bookshop with Clara Drummond

£20 includes a copy of Clara's book and drawing materials.  Limited places available so contact us if you are interested.

In this one-off workshop Clara will take us through a simple drawing class.  This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, although probably most appropriate for ages 15+.  Clara is an experienced teacher, having taught drawing at The Royal Drawing School in 2011.  In addition she has run several pop up drawing events with The Hay Festival, Hackney House for the London Olympics 2012, Grizedale Arts and the A-Foundation at the Liverpool Biennale.

Following her success in June 2016 when she won 1st prize in the BP Portrait Award, Clara was commissioned to write a book about keeping a sketch book. The book, Drawing & Seeing: Create your own Sketchbook, with a foreword by Sir Peter Blake was published in September 2018.



Special Author Visit at The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club

Monday 3rd June at 6 pm

Lucy Hughes-Hallett will join us for a discussion of her multi-layered novel, Peculiar Ground


This rich and multi-layered novel set on a single estate in Oxfordshire explores the significance of walls and borders, of the duality in ancient lore and modern progress, religion and society. There is much to discuss and Lucy will be with us to answer our questions.  We are sure you will fall in love with Lucy's writing and want to come to the launch of her short story collection, Fabulous, later in the month.

Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Saturday 15th June at 6 pm

Lucy Hughes-Hallett - Fabulous


Join us for the launch of Lucy Hughes-Hallett's new book, a--literally--fabulous collection of short stories.

These witty fables, elegantly written and full of sharp-eyed observation of modern life, are also visionary explorations of potent mysteries and strange passions, charged with the hallucinatory beauty and horror of their originals.

Each of these startlingly original stories is set in modern Britain. Their characters include a people-trafficking gang-master and a prostitute, a migrant worker and a cocksure estate agent, an elderly musician doubly befuddled by dementia and the death of his wife, a pest-controller suspected of paedophilia and a librarian so well-behaved that her parents wonder anxiously whether she’ll ever find love.  They’re ordinary people, preoccupied, as we all are now, by the deficiencies of the health service, by criminal gangs and homelessness, by the pitfalls of dating in the age of #metoo.  All of their stories, though, are inspired by ones drawn from Graeco-Roman myth, from the Bible or from folk-lore.  


Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop
Friday 21st June at 6 pm

David Coubrough - Death in Deia

Deia is a small and idyllic village on the north-west coast of Mallorca, famous for being the home of Robert Graves for much of his life, but subsequently becoming a magnet for artists, authors and film stars.  In this fast moving crime novel, it also becomes the centrepiece for a series of murders connected to the embezzlement of an extraordinary £100 million fortune...

Aldeburgh resident, David Coubrough, is a successful entrepreneur who founded Portfolio Recruitment in 1985 and has gone on to hold a number of roles as chairman and non-executive director of several businesses. His debut novel was Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice.


The 18th Aldeburgh Literary Festival 2019

Thank you to speakers and audience who contributed to another wonderful Festival this year.   Here are some of the photographs to remind us of the weekend.  All photo credits: Eamonn McCabe.

Next year's dates will be Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th March 2020


Book of the Week

15th April 2019

The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland


Book of the Week: 11th March 2019

Samantha Harvey: The Western Wind.  Paperback at £8.99

Fifteenth-century Oakham, in Somerset; a tiny village cut off by a big river with no bridge. When a man is swept away by the river in the early hours of Shrove Saturday, an explanation has to be found: accident, suicide or murder? The village priest, John Reve, is privy to many secrets in his role as confessor. But will he be able to unravel what happened to the victim, Thomas Newman, the wealthiest, most capable and industrious man in the village? And what will happen if he can't?



2nd May 2019
Special Pre-Publication Offer

Any new publication by Robert Macfarlane, author of The Wild Places, is an event and we are pleased to be able to offer a highly-competitive price for Macfarlane's forthcoming book, Underland: a Deep Time Journey, when it is published in early May.  We are offering copies at £15.00 (instead of the rrp £20) for pre-ordered copies.  Just click here to pre-order your copy.

In Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes us on a journey into the worlds beneath our feet. From the ice-blue depths of Greenland's glaciers, to the underground networks by which trees communicate, from Bronze Age burial chambers to the rock art of remote Arctic sea-caves, this is a deep-time voyage into the planet's past and future. Global in its geography, gripping in its voice and haunting in its implications, Underland is a work of huge range and power, and a remarkable new chapter in Macfarlane's long-term exploration of landscape and the human heart.


The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club
Dates for your diary
All take place at the Bookshop at 6 pm.  All are welcome.  No previous book club experience necessary.


The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club

Monday 4th March

The House By The Marsh by William Blyghton

William Blyghton is a pseudonym used by an Aldeburgh resident who may be known to many.  The real author will be joining us to discuss his book, which is the first of his Suffolk trilogy.


The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club

Monday 1st April

Somebody I Used To Know by Wendy Mitchell


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The Aldeburgh Literary Festival

Thursday 28th February to Sunday 3rd March 2019

'arguably the most important, high quality and diverse celebration of the spoken word

'... a Festival in every sense' (Frances Wilson) 

'The best lit fest of the lot by a mile' (Matt Ridley) 

'I was moved, and interested, and amused' (Jenny Uglow)  


We are a traditional independent bookshop situated on the High Street in the fashionable town of Aldeburgh.  The bookshop was founded in 1949 and the current owners, John and Mary James, have run the shop since 2000.  We stock a wide range of history, biography, fiction, travel writing and books on Suffolk, as well as cookery, gardening, natural history and a dedicated children's department.  We operate a booksearch service, and we any of our staff are happy to advise customers.  We can get most books in stock by the following working day, and we post parcels all over the world.

'This great local bookshop is the best place to browse and buy for miles around – and is the epitome what a bookstore should be: well-stocked, welcoming and staffed by people who love books. The owners, John and Mary James, have been just over a decade, and won the 'Independent Bookshop of the Year' and the British Book Awards a few years ago, and the only wonder is that they haven't won it since, not only because their range is wide, well-chosen and beautifully displaye, with a regular churn of new and interesting volumes on tables, but also for the general ambience of the place, and its contribution to the local community - they run a book club once a month on Monday evenings, organise the annual Aldeburgh Literary Festival and even invite their regulars to share their Desert Island Books, which naturally none can resist.'  (www.coolplaces.co.uk).

'The Aldeburgh Bookshop has retained an inviting atmosphere and boasts a fantastic selection that simply makes it an ideal hunting ground for literary treasures - for our whole family, aged 13 to 45.'  (Monica Koch in The Guardian). 


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