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The 17th Aldeburgh Literary Festival 2018

Tickets on sale now 2018.  Book here.

Festival Dates Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th March 2018.

Change of Programme.  Event 4 at 11.30 am on Friday 2nd March.  Unfortunately A.N. Wilson has had to cancel.  We have arranged an excellent replacement speaker, Andrew Gimson, who will be talking about his new book, Gimson's Prime Ministers.  A concise, sharp-witted and illuminating account of the lives of Britain’s prime ministers from Walpole to May, illustrated by Martin Rowson.

For the reader who has heard of such giants as Gladstone and Disraeli, and has drunk in a pub called the Palmerston, but has only the haziest idea of who these people were, Gimson’s Prime Ministers offers a short account of them all which can be read for pleasure, and not just for edification. With Gimson’s wonderful prose once again complemented by Martin Rowson’s inimitable illustrations, this lively and entertaining aide-memoire and work of satirical genius brings our parliamentary history to life as never before.

If you have a ticket for this event and wish to hear Andrew Gimson, just keep the ticket and let us know.  If you would like a refund, please return the ticket to us at The Aldeburgh Bookshop by 20th February.

We still have a few tickets left at The 17th Aldeburgh Literary Festival

Event 3 - 10.00 am on Friday 2nd March at The Jubilee Hall
  Professor Patrick McGuinness on the Everyday Proust

Event 17 - 4.00 pm on Sunday 4th March at The Aldeburgh Cinema
  Eamonn McCabe on his life as a photographer

Event 18 - 5.30 pm on Sunday 4th March at The Jubilee Hall
The Adventures of Andy Kershaw
Ring 01728 452587 or email us to book about tickets.

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The Aldeburgh Bookshop Book Club meets on the first Monday of each month at 6.00 pm in the bookshop.  Everyone is welcome.

Monday 5th March 2018

Jon McGregor.  Reservoir 13.  £7.99 (reduced from £8.99)


Monday 9th April at 6.00 pm

Please note change of date to avoid Easter Monday

In the Days of Rain: a Daughter, a Father, a Cult. 

Next under discussion will be this powerful memoir by local East Anglian author, Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing at UEA, Rebecca Stott


Tuesday 8th April at 6.00 pm

Please note change of date to avoid Bank Holiday Monday

2018 is Muriel Spark's centenary year so it's a good time
  to read her gloriously dark comedy about death.

Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop on Good Friday 30th March at 6.00 pm

Highly-acclaimed author of spy thrillers, Edward Wilson will be launching his new book, South Atlantic Requiem with us at the shop.

Set during the Falklands Conflict, this thrilling spy novel sees the return of Wilson’s spy hero Catesby, sent to Peru amidst Downing Street defence cuts and pressure from Reagan’s Whitehouse in order negotiate a last minute Falklands deal with the Argentine Junta. When, just twelve hours after new peace terms are agreed, the ship Belgrano is torpedoed, Catesby is left shocked and disillusioned and is forced to uncover the governmental and political lies that sit at the heart of the conflict...

'On a par with John le Carré ... it’s that good' (Tribune).


Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop on Easter Saturday 31st March at 6.00 pm

Tim Leach
: How To Manage Your Thoughts, Live a Happy Life, Embrace Mindfulness and Learn to Love Yourself

The book documents Tim's recovery from a life changing injury and then the techniques utilised to help get him back on track; with the main purpose of this being to help as many people who have lost their way to find a way back.

Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop on Friday 6th April at 6.00 pm

Blake Morrison will be presenting his new novel, The Executor. 

We are very excited about this new novel by poet, memoirist and novelist, Blake Morrison.  The Executor is described as an elegant and unsettling novel about a man who becomes the literary executor of a friend's estate, and the moral dilemmas he faces when he uncovers some previously unpublished, and potentially explosive, material.


Book Launch at The Aldeburgh Bookshop on Saturday 14th April

The Shingle Street Shell Line by Els Bottema and Lida Kindersley.

Join us to celebrate the launch of the book about Bottema and Kindersley's extraordinary journey to recovery and the making of the famous Shell Line of Shingle Street.

The Aldeburgh Literary Festival

'arguably the most important, high quality and diverse celebration of the spoken word

'... a Festival in every sense' (Frances Wilson) 

'The best lit fest of the lot by a mile' (Matt Ridley) 

'I was moved, and interested, and amused' (Jenny Uglow)  


We are a traditional independent bookshop situated on the High Street in the fashionable town of Aldeburgh.  The bookshop was founded in 1949 and the current owners, John and Mary James, have run the shop since 2000.  We stock a wide range of history, biography, fiction, travel writing and books on Suffolk, as well as cookery, gardening, natural history and a dedicated children's department.  We operate a booksearch service, and we any of our staff are happy to advise customers.  We can get most books in stock by the following working day, and we post parcels all over the world.

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