What They Say about the Festival

We have picked out a few of the comments from authors and audience this year.

- Such a brilliant mix of eclectic authors--I loved it all--and so much more stimulating than a winter week in Tenerife

- The whole experience was truly exceptional and will furnish us with food for thought and discussion for many weeks to come

- Thank you for another absolutely wonderful Festival.  The standard of contributions was universally high and the range was amazing.  Some of the speakers were truly inspirational.  Every year I am saying to myself it can't get better - and then it does.

- This is the first year we’ve both been to every single talk, and we could NOT have had a more stimulating, informative or entertaining time. In years gone by we’ve sometimes reached saturation and had to skip a session along the way, although we’ve invariably regretted the decision afterwards. This year, though, there was nothing we could safely skip and we didn’t even feel tempted: it was an absolutely stonking line-up (spellcheck tried ‘stinking’ - lucky I spotted that……) and quite apart from the books themselves, the overall standard of presentation was just phenomenal.

- WOW! What an experience

- flawless

- a triumph

- For us the biographers were a highlight.  Perhaps the subtitle of the festival should have been the crumbling of long held myths as Diarmaid MacCulloch, Adam Zamoyski, Julian Jackson, Miranda Seymour and all the others meticulously unpicked the sources to strip away those long held views.  Then Martin Rees efficiently blasted the flaky opinions on so many of the great scientific questions facing us today, and Isabella Tree quietly asked all landowners to examine their consciences.

- Another triumph!  I am running out of superlatives

- The BEST literary gathering anywhere

- I feel stimulated, taken out of my humdrum routine and generally shaken and stirred.

- Everyone spoke hightly to me of the Aldeburgh Festival but they didn't speak highly enough.  What a brilliant and happy celebration of the highest of intellectual excellence.  The Barbarians ain't at the Gate yet ...

-  We loved being transported from eccentric ornithologists to Sam's aphorisms, criminal law and matters Cromwell.

- We crossed the globe on migratory journeys, travelled to new planets with Professor Rees, then marvelled at Posy Simmonds conjuring characters out of squiggly lines, before landing with a thump in Brexit mercifully only briefly ... it was a roller-coaster of a ride ...

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