Parnassian Molehill

Parnassian Molehill.  An Anthology of Suffolk Verse written between 1327 and 1864, with some Account of the Authors and with numerous Drawings by John Nash with a New Preface by Ronald Blythe.  Aldeburgh: 2001.  ISBN: 0 953100413.  xx, 264 pages.  Softcover, illustrated paper wrapper.  £17.95.

In 2001 The Aldeburgh Bookshop reprinted The Earl of Cranbrook's anthology of Suffolk verse, Parnassian Molehill, which was first printed in an edition of 500 copies in 1953.  This new edition reprints in facsimile the content, illustrations and design of the original volume, together with a new preface by Ronald Blythe.

Though strictly not a native of Suffolk the author of this rare anthology, 'Jock' Cranbrook, became from his middle years an--perhaps the entrenched Suffolk man.  From the family house at Great Glemham he not only assumed the roles

traditionally assigned to those in his position, but applied his lifelong interests and training as a naturalist to the wildlife and ecology of the county, and to its conservation.  He researched Suffolk history, its artefacts and people in the best antiquarian tradition and gave friendship, encouragement and support to the artists, writers and musicians who in the immediate post-war years brought unprecedented vitality to the life and culture of East Anglia.

Parnassian Molehill is a by-product of these varied interests which, in a manner wholly appropriated to its compiler, enlarges its readers' world by bringing sharply into focus the particularities of locality, place and people.

It combines enlightenment with delight.


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