Orlando the Marmalade Cat

Orlando the Marmalade Cat by Kathleen Hale

Orlando the Marmalade Cat is definitely Aldeburgh's most famous visitor (sorry, Plumdog): in 1952 he brought his wife Grace and their kittens to stay in 'Owlbarrow' [Aldeburgh], where they stayed on the beached ship the Iona, now no longer in existence.

Kathleen Hale's books have been treasured by children and now grown-ups since they were first published.  Only two of the many titles are still in print: A Seaside Holiday (hardback, £20.00) and A Camping Holiday (paperback, £7.99).

We have purchased the merchandising rights from Kathleen Hale's publishers Frederick Warne at Penguin, and can offer an exclusive range of Orlando-iana:

We have two prints from the Aldeburgh / Owlbarrow Seaside Holiday book.  

The first is an image of the front cover, depicting Orlando and his wife Grace in front of the Iona.  £12.50 (61cm x 41cm)

We also stock a china mug with this image: £12.50



  The second image depicts the beach scene of Owlbarrow, in which all the principal sights of Aldeburgh can be seen in      one view.  A charming impossibility.  The humans portrayed in the scene are real characters, either known to Kathleen Hale, or well-known residents of Aldeburgh.  Kathleen Hale's husband is floating in the sea to the left of the picture.  £20.00 (16 x 24 inches)


We also stock wooden jigsaw puzzles of this image.

A china mug (£12.50)

Exclusive to The Aldeburgh Bookshop, Postcards 60p each




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