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Christmas List 2017


Food and Wine


Nigel Slater.  The Christmas Chronicles.  £16.99

Winter-wonder seasonal food.


Nigella Lawson.  At My Table.  £26.00

The TV tie-in.


Anna Jones.  The Modern Cook’s Year.  £26.00

Over 250 fresh and modern vegetarian recipes.


Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.  Much More Veg.  £26.00

Hugh continues his campaign to get us to eat our greens.


Jamie Oliver.  5 Ingredients.  £26.00

With all of Jamie’s usual cookable flair.


Mary Berry.  Mary’s Household Tips and Tricks.  £20.00

Your guide to happiness in the home


River Café Cookbook.  30.  £28.00

30th anniversary edition, some updated recipes from the original books, some new.


Olia Hercules.  Kaukasis, the Cookbook.  A culinary Journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & beyond  £25.00


Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh.  Sweet.  £27.00


Sabrina Ghayour.  Feasts.  £20.00


Samin Nosrat.  Salt Fat Acid Heat.  £30.00

The four key principles behind all good food from the cook at Chez Panisse


Patience Gray.  Honey from a Weed.  Large paperback.  £20.00

Lovely reprint of the famous autobiographical cookery book, first published in 1986.


Stephen Brook.  The Complete Bordeaux.  3rd edition.  £50.00


Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide 2018.  £12.99

Perfect stocking filler.







Biography and Memoir


Jenny Uglow.  Mr Lear: a Life of Art and Nonsense.  £25.00


Craig Brown.  Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret.  £16.99


Simon Fenwick.  Joan, the remarkable life of Joan Leigh-Fermor. £25.00


David Pryce-Jones.  Fault Lines.  Paperback, £20.00

Fascinating memoir of David Pryce-Jones, the son of Therese "Poppy" Fould-Springer, a very successful and cosmopolitan Franco-Austrian family forced to flee Hitler, and Alan Pryce-Jones, editor of the TLS. He grew up amidst a colourful mix of industrialists, bankers, soldiers, intellectuals and bons vivants on both sides of the family: the source of the titular fault lines.


Dylan Jones.  David Bowie: a Life.  £20.00


Penelope Lively.  Life in the Garden.  £14.99

Dame Penelope’s memoir of gardens in her life and in literature.


Chris Patten.  First Confession: a Sort of Memoir.  £14.99


Hilary Spurling.  Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time.   £25.00


Claire Tomalin.  A Life of My Own.  £16.99


A.N. Wilson.  Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker.  £25.00

Radical reappraisal of the scientific genius.


Gordon Brown.  My Life, Our Times.  £25.00


Maggie O’Farrell.  I Am, I Am, I Am.  £18.99

The acclaimed novelists recounts her seventeen brushes with death.


Giles Wood and Mary Killen.  The Diary of Two Nobodies.  £14.99

Hilarious marital musings from the Gogglebox stars.





Anne Applebaum.  Red Famine.  £25.00

Pulitzer Prize winner’s account of Stalin’s Ukraine.


Catherine Nixey.  The Darkening Age: the Christian Destruction of the Classical World.  £20.00


Dan Jones.  The Templars.  £25.00


Nicholas Shakespeare.  Six Minutes in May: How Churchill unexpectedly became Prime Minister.  £20.00


Patrick Bishop.  Air Force Blue: the RAF in World War Two—Spearhead of Victory.  £20.00


Charles Spencer.  To Catch a King: Charles II’s Great Escape.  £20.00


Simon Heffer.  The Age of Decadence: Britain 1880 to 1914.  £30.00

A brilliant examination of Edwardian Britain.


David Kynaston.  Till Times Last Sand.  The History of the Bank of England 1694-2013.  £30.00


Anne de Courcy.  The Husband Hunters: Social Climbing in London and New York.  £20.00


Theo Farrell.  Unwinnable: Britain’s War in Afghanistan 2001-2014.  £25.00


Niall Ferguson.  The Square and the Tower.  £25.00

Hierarchies and the struggle for global power.


Chris Renwick.  Bread for All, the Origins of the Welfare State.  £20.00


Christian Wolmar.  Railways and the Raj.  £25.00


Robert Peston.  WTF.  £20.00

What have we done?  Why did it happen?  How do we take back control?


Douglas Murray.  The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.  £18.99


Matthew d’Ancona.  Post-Truth: the New War on Truth and How To Fight Back.  £6.99


Ann Pettifor. The Production of Money: How to break the Power of Bankers £12.99




Peter Godfrey-Smith.  Other Minds, The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life



Matthew Walker.  Why We Sleep: the New Science of Sleep and Dreams.  £20.00




Hardback Fiction


George Saunders.  Lincoln in the Bardo.  £18.99

Extraordinary, ground-breaking Man Booker Prize Winner.  £18.99


Katherine Heiny.  Standard Deviation.  £12.99

Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.  Think Nora Ephron.


Jon McGregor.  Reservoir 13.  £14.99

My favourite book of this year.


John Banville.  Mrs Osmond.  £14.99

Sequel to Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady


Jennifer Egan.  Manhattan Beach.  £20.00

Marine, Mafia and New York City.


Kamila Shamsie.  Home Fire.  £16.99

Sophocles’ Antigone updated to a British Muslim family.


Natalie Haynes.  The Children of Jocasta.  £16.99

A fresh take on the Oedipus story told from the women’s perspective.


Laura Purcell.  The Silent Companions.  £12.99

Historical country house Gothic hauntings.  Splendidly creepy.


Lucy Hughes-Hallett.  Peculiar Ground.  £16.99

Wide-ranging, thought-provoking and profound historical novel, set in an Oxfordshire estate in the Restoration and then late 20th century at the time of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


Jesmyn Ward.  Sing, Unburied, Sing.  £18.99

Winner of the National Book Award 2017. 


William Boyd.  The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth.  £16.99

Anything by Boyd is an event: novella and short stories.


Amanda Craig.  The Lie of the Land.  £16.99

Witty and entertaining novel about an unhappy couple who downsize to Devon from London when they run out of money.  There’s a mystery too, which might explain why their rundown cottage is so cheap to rent.


Sally Rooney.  Conversations with Friends.  £14.99

Debut novel set in Dublin.  The best [novel] about what it means to be young and female now.


Rachel Seiffert.  A Boy in Winter.  £14.99

Set over three days in 1941 in a Ukrainian town in 1941 overtaken by the SS.  Deft, spare and devastating.



Crime and Thrillers


Graeme Macrae Burnet.  The Accident on the A35.  £12.99

Simenonesque, by the author of His Bloody Project.


John le Carre.  A Legacy of Spies.  £20.00

A welcome return for George Smiley.


T. A.Cotterell.  What Alice Knew.  Paperback, £8.99

How far would you go to protect your family?  Exciting psychological drama with a final twist.



Jane Harper.  The Dry.  £8.99

Clever murder mystery set in the Australian outback.


Robert Harris.  Munich.  £20.00

September 1938 and Europe is on the brink of war


P. D. James.  Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales.  £14.99


Denise Mina.  The Long Drop.  £12.99

Based on true events, a game of cat and mouse played out on a Glasgow pub crawl.


Ruth Rendell.  A Spot of Folly: Ten and a Quarter New Tales of Murder and Mayhem.  £14.99

Posthumous collection by the master of psychogical suspense.


Gabriel Tallent.  My Absolute Darling.  £12.99

One of the most talked-about books of this year.  Brilliantly written and completely compellng, it’s the story of 14 year old Turtle and her dominating father.  Not for the faint-hearted.


Adam Brookes. The Spy’s Daughter.  £8.99

Tense spy thriller.



Inside and Outside

Art, Architecture, Interiors and Gardening


Patrick Baty.  The Anatomy of Colour, the story of Heritage Paints and Pigments.  £35.00


Ros Byam Shaw.  Perfect English Farmhouse.  £30.00


Simon Jenkins.  Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations.  £25.00


Martin Salisbury.  The Illustrated Art of the Dust Jacket 1920-1970.  £24.95

Most of the dust jackets from the author’s own collection.


Andy Friend.  Ravilious and Co., the Pattern of Friendship.  £24.95

Charts Ravilious’ work with Paul Nash, Edward Bawden amongst others.


Richard Rogers.  A Place for All People, Architecture and the Fair Society.  £30.00

‘Rich in humane ideas’ (Ian McEwan)


Matthew Growcoot.  Abandoned, the most beautiful and forgotten places from around the world.  £12.99

Empty theatres in Detroit and lost playgrounds in Chernobyl, beautiful photographs of eerie modern ruins.


Victoria Summerley.  The Secret Gardeners.  £30.00

Gardening habits of household names.


Barbara Segall. The Secret Gardens of East Anglia, a Private Tour of 22 Gardens. £20.00


Rosamund Young.  The Secret Life of Cows.  £9.99

It’s actually really interesting.


Peter Fiennes.  Oak and Ash and Thorn, the Ancient Woods and New Forests of Britain.  £16.99


John Lewis-Stempel.  The Secret Life of the Owl.  £9.99


Adam Nicolson. The Seabird’s Cry: The Lives and Loves of Puffins, Gannets and Other Ocean Voyagers.  £16.99

A passionate and important book looking at seabirds and the fragility of their future


Alex Preston and Neil Gower.  As Kingfishers Catch Fire: Birds & Books.  £25.00

Literature inspired by birdwatching, with beautiful illustrations.





Henry Blofeld. Over and Out.  £20.00

Memoir of life at the cricket ground by cricket’s best loved commentator.


Mike Brearley.  On Form.  £20.00

What does it take to be ‘on form’, in sport, in business and in life, not just in cricket.


Judy Murray.  Knowing the Score: My Family and Our Tennis Story.  £18.99


Brough Scott.  Churchill at the Gallop.  £25.00

Churchill and horses.



Poetry & Literature


William Sieghart.  The Poetry Pharmacy, tried and true Prescriptions from the Heart, Mind and Soul.  £12.99

Prescriptions of poems for whatever troubles your spirit.  A perfect present.


Jackie Kay.  Bantam.  £9.99

Funny and fierce poems, by the new Scottish Makar.


Susan Hill.  Jacob’s Room is Full of Books, a Year of Reading.  £12.99


Alex Johnson.  A Book of Book Lists.  £7.99

Quirky book-related lists, from Bin Laden’s bookshelf to the books most frequently left behind in hotels.



Children’s Books



Emma Chichester Clark


Signed copies of Emma’s books make the perfect gift.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:9781911214274.jpgDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:images.jpegDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:th-2.jpeg

    Ages 5 – 95                               Ages 6 - 9                     Ages 3 – 6

           Hardback, £16.99                      Hardback, £14.99     Paperback + CD, £8.99




0 – 3 years


Sandra Boynton.  Hippos Go Berserk!  Board Book, £4.99

One hippo, all alone, calls two hippos on the phone.  Not a new book, but a new board book edition of this joyful counting book.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:0224536_9780141374758_300.jpegPeter Rabbit. All About Peter

Shaped Board Book, £7.99






It’s an anniversary year for the Moomins and we have many lovely books


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:9781509810017the moomins the world of moominvalley_4_jpg_323_400.jpgTove Jansson. The World of Moominvalley. Hardback, £35.00

Moomin’s Seek and Find. Finger-Trail Book. Hardback, £7.99

Moomin’s Peekaboo Adventure. A Lift-And-Find Book. Hardback, £7.99


Marion Billet.  Listen to the Dance Music.  Board Book with Sound, £7.99

Press the sound button and dance to the six dance tunes: Waltz, Tango, Charleston, Salsa, Rock’n’Roll, Hip-Hop.



Kez Gray.  Oi Cat!   Hardback, £12.99

Cats sit on gnats, dogs sit on logs … but, hold on, cats don’t like sitting on gnats, they bite their bottoms.  Brilliant rhyming read-aloud text from the author of Oi Frog! and Oi Dog! 

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mary:Desktop:9781910646311.jpg

Anne-Florence Lemasson.  Little Hazelnut.  Hardback, £10.99

Beautiful pop-up book.  Winter is here.  A squirrel drops his hazelnut and it becomes buried by a blanket of snow, unnoticed by the other animals.  Then comes Spring, and the seedling emerges.


Rachel Bright.  The Squirrels who Squabbled.  Hardback, £12.99

Spontaneous Cyril the Squirrel has lived for the day and hasn’t planned ahead.  Winter is looming and his cupboard is bare.  Can he reach the very last pinecone before Plan-Ahead Bruce?  Hilarious rhyming story about sharing.


John Burningham.  Mouse House.  Hardback, £11.99

A secret mouse family live under the floor boards.  One day they are spotted and the   mouse catcher is called.  Can the human children help them escape in time?  Another modern classic from John Burningham.



Ages 5 – 8


Axel T. Smith.  Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure.  £9.99

Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot – or rather Inspector Clouseau, in this humorous tale about a penguin solving a mystery.


Stephen Biesty’s Trains. Hardback, £14.99

Cross-sections, with flaps.


Paddington Pop-up London. Hardback, £25.00

Fabulous Collector’s Edition.  Six stunning pop-up scenes tie in with the new film.


Matt Edmondson & Garry Parsons. The Greatest Magician In The World. Hardback, £14.99

Join the quest and learn seven amazing magic tricks along the way.


Judith Kerr.  Katinka’s Tale. Hardback, £12.99

This already looks like a classic.  Katinka is an ordinary cat, but her tail is no ordinary tail.


Ian Graham & Ian Murray.  Super Structures. Hardback, £14.99

Engineering for children.


Ages 7 – 12


Elena Favilli.  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women.  £20.00

Inspirational stories of influential women.



Cressida Cowell.  The Wizards of Once. £12.99

Exciting high adventure set in an ancient magical time.


Katherine Rundell.  The Explorer.  £12.99

Gripping adventure about four children stranded in the Amazon rainforest.


Jessica Townsend.  Nevermoor: the Trials of Morrigan Crow.  £12.99

A warm-hearted magical adventure.


Ages 13+


Frances Hardinge.  A Skinful of Shadows.  £12.99

Adults are all reading Hardinge now, and this new novel confirms her as a master storyteller.


Philip Pullman.  The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage.  £15.00 (reduced from £20)

Prequel to Northern Lights.  The first of a new Oxford Trilogy.  It starts with Lyra as a baby.  As good as we’d hoped for.


Sally Nicholls.  Things a Bright Girl Can Do.  £12.99

Three girls caught up in the Suffragette movement.


Young Adult 16+


John Green.  Turtles All the Way Down.  £14.99




We are so pleased to see these back in print


Posy Simmonds.  Lulu and the Flying Babies. Paperback, £6.99


Monro Leaf.  The Story of Ferdinand. Paperback, £6.99




Christmas Books

There are some wonderful Christmas books this year, including lots of lovely festive murders.


P. D. James.  Sleep No More.  £10.00

Ten murderous tales.


Judith Flanders.  Christmas, a Biography.  £14.99


Nancy Mitford.  Christmas Pudding.  £9.99

Set at a Christmas house party, Mitford’s second novel.



Cyril Hare.  An English Murder.  Paperback, £8.99

The snow is thick, the phone line is down …  A classic country house murder mystery first published in 1951.


Nina Stibbe.  An Almost Perfect Christmas.  £9.99

By the author of Love Nina, a delightful account of the annual disasters at the Stibbe’s family Christmases.


Local Authors


Emma Chichester Clark.  Another Year of Plumdog.  £16.99

Lots set in Aldeburgh.


Christopher Matthew.  The Old Man and the Knee: How to be a Golden Oldie.  £12.99

Another hilarious take on ageing from Christopher, this time in prose.  Signed copies available.


Iestyn Edwards.  My Tutu Went AWOL.  Paperback, £9.99

Adventures of a drag ballerina on tour with our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Stephen Wade.  Lost to the Sea: Britain’s Vanished Coastal Communities: Norfolk and Suffolk.  £12.99


Humphrey Burton.  Leonard Bernstein.  £16.99

New edition with a new introduction for Bernstein's centenary.


Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy. The Sultan's Organ.  £10.99

Fascinating history of an Elizabethan organ maker who travelled to Constantinople.


Stocking Fillers


Ysenda Maxtone-Graham.  Terms and Conditions: Life in Girls’ Boarding Schools 1939-1979.  £9.99

Funny and awful.  Will bring back painful as well as happy memories.


Darren Flint.  Suffolk: 40 Coast and Country Walks.  £6.99

Slips nicely into a pocket.


Aldeburgh Bookshop Canvas Tote Bags.  New colours now in stock: lime green, bright blue, navy blue, shocking pink and neon green and coral red.  £7.99


Classic Art Memes.  £7.99

Hilarious book of memes on old masters.


Teeny Tiny Turntable.  £8.00

A dinky kit (7cm x 9cm): miniature record player, 3 mini LPs of 70s Funk.


Conan Doyle, Arthur.  How Watson Learned the Trick.  £12.99

Miniature book (5 cm x 4 cm) in red silk.  A facsimile copy of the Sherlock Holmes story written specially for Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.





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