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Benjamin BrittenLetters from a Life: the Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten.  Volume VI: 1966 - 1976.  Edited by Philip Reed & Mervyn Cooke.  Hardback £42.00 (reduced from £45.00).  November 2012.  The sixth and final volume of correspondence covers the composer's last decade.

Benjamin BrittenLetters from a Life.  Volume I: 1923-39.  (Paperback, £22.50).  Letters from a Life.  Volume II: 1939- 1945.  (Paperback, £22.50).  Letters from a Life.  Volume III: 1946-51.  (Paperback, £16.99 reduced from £22.50).  Letters from a Life.  Volume IV: 1952-7.  (Hardback, £45.00).  Letters from a Life.  Volume V: 1958-65.  (Hardback, £45.00).

Lucy Walker (ed.).  Britten in Pictures.  Paperback £19.95.  November 2012.  Britten in Pictures celebrates the many facets of Britten's life in a major new photographic treatment.  Using the wealth of images housed in the collections of The Britten-Pears Foundation at Aldeburgh, the book charts the curve of Britten's life, using a selection of rare and previously unpublished images to reveal him anew in all phases of his career, catching a multitude of informal glimpses of the man 'behind the scenes' at work and play as well as in more familiar formal settings.

Paul Kildea.  Benjamin Britten: A Life In The Twentieth Century. Hardback £25.00 (reduced from £30.00).  February 2013.

David Matthews.  Benjamin Britten. Paperback £9.99.

Ford, Boris (ed.).  Benjamin Britten's Poets: An Anthology of the Poems he set to Music.  Paperback, £14.95.  Fine anthology newly reprinted.

Neil Powell.  Benjamin Britten: A Life for Music.  February 2013.  Hardback, £20.00 reduced from £25.00.

Mark Bostridge (ed.)Britten's Century, The Centenary of Britten's Birth.  May 2013.  £16.99

With an introduction by Nicholas Kenyon: includes essays contributed by Michael Berkeley, Peter Parker, John Bridcut, Richard Jarman, Alan Bennett, Blake Morrison, Janet Baker, Ian Bostridge, Janette Heffernan, Paul Kildea, Colin Matthews, Edward Gardner, Stephen Hough, Guy Dammam.  Britten's Century considers various aspects of Britten's life and work. The book is written by biographers, performers and music critics. Here is a wealth of subject matter - Britten's operatic output, his orchestral works, his contribution to the revival of English song.

Ronald BlytheThe Time by the Sea, Aldeburgh 1956 - 1958.  Hardback, £11.99 reduced from £15.99.  Blythe recounts his life in Aldeburgh during the 1950s, finding himself drawn into Benjamin Britten's circle and working for the Aldeburgh Festival.  This delightful memoir gathers up many early experiences, sights and sounds: with Britten he explored ancient churches; with the botanist Denis Garrett he took delight in the marvellous shingle beaches and marshland plants; and he worked alongside the celebrated phot-journalist Kurt Hutton.

Britten, BethMy Brother Benjamin.  Paperback, June 2013.  Paperback, £11.25 reduced from £15.00.  A re-issue of this rare memoir of Britten by his sister Beth, a loving and revealing portrait drawing on original letters and including moving and rare photos from the family archive. 

Bridcut, John.  The Essential Britten: a Pocket Guide for the Britten Centenary.   Paperback, £7.50 reduced from £9.99.  November 2012.  A special centenary edition of Bridcut's Pocket Guide to Britten, updated and with additional material, including the complete text of Britten's speech on receiving the first Aspen Award.

Gresham's School.  Britten at Gresham's: Souvenir Brochure. Paperback, £5.00. October 2012.  An account of Britten's time at Gresham's School, with a full guide to forthcoming events for the Britten Centenery celebration at Gresham's.

Ed. Judith Le Grove.  A Musical Eye: the Visual World of Britten and Pears.  Now available as a paperback published by Boydell and Brewer at £19.99.

Two special editions of this beautiful book are published by Artists' Choice Editions: a Standard limited edition, of which there 600 copies @ £98.00 or Special copies accompanied by two new etchings by Keith Grant) of which there are only 48 copies @ £346.00.

A Musical Eye: The Visual World of Britten and Pears considers the importance of art and design in the lives of composer Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) and tenor Peter Pears (1910-1986).
The book is illustrated with more than 200 works from the Britten-Pears Foundation based at The Red House in Aldeburgh. As well as chapters discussing Britten and Pears as patrons and the development of their art collection, there are chapters on costumes and scenery for Britten’s operas and also Britten’s musical compositions for thirty two films, including Night Mail.  Edited by Judith LeGrove with an introduction by Colin Matthews there are additional chapters by David Crilly, Caroline Harding, Paul Kildea, Judith Legrove, Julian Potter, Alan Powers, Jane Pritchard and T. G. Rosenthal.  There is also a comprehensive Checklist of over 300 paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures in the collection with details including size, medium, date and purchase price.

Britten, Benjamin.  Journeying Boy: the Diaries of the Young Benjamin Britten 1928 - 1938.  Paperback, £11.24 reduced from £14.99

Aldeburgh Studies in Music I: Ed. Paul Banks.  Britten's Gloriana.  (Paperback, £19.99).  

Aldeburgh Studies in Music II: Cooke, Mervyn.  Britten and the Far East: Asian Influence in the Music of Benjamin Britten.  (Paperback, £25.00). 

Aldeburgh Studies in Music III: Mitchell, Donald.  Britten and Auden in the Thirties: the year 1936.  Paperback, £19.99.  With a foreword by Alan Hollinghurst.

Aldeburgh Studies in Music IV: Reed, Philip (ed.), On Mahler and Britten: Essays in Honour of Donald Mitchell on his Seventieth Birthday.  Paperback, £19.99.

Aldeburgh Studies in Music V: Pears, Peter.  Travel Diaries 1936-1978.  (Paperback, £16.99).

Walker, Lucy (ed.).  Benjamin Britten: New Perspectives on his Life and Work.  (Hardback, £45.00).

Bridcut, John.  Britten's Children.   (Paperback, £9.99).

Bennett, Moira.  Making Musicians: A Personal History of the Britten-Pears School.  (Paperback, £14.99).

Oliver, Michael.  Benjamin Britten.   (Paperback, £9.95).

Grogan, Christopher (ed.).  Imogen Holst: a Life in Music.  (Paperback, £19.99).

Carpenter, Humphrey.  Benjamin Britten (Paperback, £20.00).

Seymour, Claire.  The Operas of Benjamin Britten.  (Paperback, £19.99).

Grenfell, Joyce.  Letters from Aldeburgh.  (Hardback, £10.00).

Facsimile of the Manuscript of Peter Grimes.  (Two volumes, Hardback, £98.00).  

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